Our Nursery program provides opportunities for children to expand their repository of knowledge, cultivate their strengths and interests, and build up on strong academic foundations.  Children will embark on a structured 3 year USA phonics program (Sadlier Phonics) to help them acquire skills to blend and decode words in their early reading adventures.  Beginning writing skills will be introduced to help children put their thoughts down on paper.  In addition, they further enhance their Numeracy concepts and number sense through exciting games and activities that build their zeal for learning.

In Nursery, we step up a notch with our Reggio Emilia inspired project inquiry approach.  While this component was introduced briefly u our Pre-Nursery children, they were guided a lot by teachers and the topics revolved around their everyday encounters.  At Nursery however, children are now able to fully experience the benefits of the project inquiry approach.  They are given more freedom to choose topics of their own interest.  The teacher will observe and listen to their questions and stories.  Identify their interests and provide them the opportunities to explore. At this stage it starts to become more child-led.  They are actively engaged in class discussions, group work, and supported by their teachers to self-discover the answers they hope to find.  Furthermore, Science experiments are set up to allow children to be fully engaged in their investigation.  With four projects in a year, children will have ample opportunities to apply their language and numeracy skills through the investigation, documentation of learning in drawings and writing, as well as dramatization through various forms of project presentations.

  • A great opportunity for self-discovery through the Reggio Approach!
  • Significant emphasis on Language and Numeracy.
  • Building a solid foundation in Phonics.
  • Cultivating the children’s strengths and interests through interactive activities.
  • An introduction to the world of Science.


April 2021