Tr. Mary Jean S. Pampilon

Special Need Teacher

  I am Ms. Mary Jean S. Pampilon. I am a graduate from the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta- Molino Campus with a Degree of Bachelor in Elementary Education, majoring in Special Education in the Philippines. From the past three years of teaching experience in children with special needs it taught me the value of patience and encouragement in the special education classroom. I work closely with each student, providing them with individualized support and encouragement. I believe children with special needs should not be left behind and is entitled to have a quality education just like any other children. Every individual has a gift and those gifts are needed in this world. I believe every student can learn in their own unique way. To the parents of special needs children, I would say this: “Every child is a gift and you will be amazed at how much joy and learning your child is going to bring you. And your children are very blessed to have you on this journey with them. For your child and family, be stay strong, brave and happy.”

Mary Jean S. Pampilon