Tr. Mei Yee Lee

Chinese Teacher

   My name is Mei Yee Lee, I am a Chinese Malaysian. I graduated from Tunku Abdul Rahman University with Bachelor of Public Relations in Malaysia in 2009. My mother tongue is Chinese. I studied 6 years Private Chinese Primary School, and 6 years private Chinese High School in Malaysia which is recognized as a top one Private Chinese high school among 62 Private Chinese high schools in Malaysia. I have 6 years working experience as an education instructor in Youth Educational NGO in Malaysia and 6 months working experience also as an education instructor in Youth Educational NGO in Cambodia.

   To help children become happy, healthy and well-behaved is my duty. Every child has unlimited potential and their imagination is particularly rich! “Happy to learn, learning for fun” is my teaching motto, and is a way to make children to interest to involve in learning Chinese lesson. I am happy to be a Chinese teacher in My Little Pumpkin, and I am willing to dedicate my sincere efforts working together with other teachers to contribute more in the development of the students of this institution.

Mei Yee Lee