Tr. Debbie Nel

English Teacher

Hello, I am Debbie Nel.  I am a certified TEFL teacher with various certificates relating to this field of education, for example: teaching to young learners, teaching Business English, teaching large classes and teaching English Online.  I am also pursuing a BA in TESOL.  I am of the belief that if I do something I need to learn as much as possible.  I have many years’ experience teaching/training in the corporate world.  I have extensive experience working with people from various walks of life.  I soon decided that it was time to pursue my dream of traveling the world.

It did not take me long to fall in love with SE Asia, I am now devoting my time to helping carve the future of the young children in Cambodia.  These words are something that I fully agree with:

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future
They hold the future in their little hands
What we give to them today is our tomorrow
Make sure everyone understands

We teachers believe this, and we all strive to achieve this for the children we teach. Each one of them is unique.  When I am teaching, I watch the children closely and see ‘the light bulb’ then I know I have succeeded, and I love that success.